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Magazine Sleeve for Beretta 8045 Mini Cougar 8 Round Magazine

Magazine Sleeve for Beretta 8045 Mini Cougar 8 Round Magazine

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Beretta doesn't seem to make these sleeves any more, so they are very hard to find. I whipped some up on my 3D printer and am making them available to you! I've seen others selling these for $25 apiece...kind of ridiculous price for something that takes a couple hours to print!

I've designed a couple varieties of this sleeve... one that almost perfectly mimics the original sleeve, but I've put dimples on it rather than than grooves, and another that is wider, or fatter. I find the original sleeve makes kind of a groove at the base of the magazine, and my little finger rests in the groove, but I find I like the feel of the fatter one better, as it is the same size as the grips, and feels more comfortable with my large hands. You can pick which one's you'd rather have!

Sleeves slide on very tight, so they shouldn't come loose. I've used them on my Mini Cougar for years now, without a single problem

Buy your 8 round 8045 magazines direct from Beretta, and make them fit your Mini Cougar with sleeves from us!

Sleeves are 3D printed in Black PLA plastic, and come in packs of 2.

Magazines and pistol shown in pictures are NOT INCLUDED!


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