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General Aviation Control panel, GA200 Series

General Aviation Control panel, GA200 Series

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You don't have to spend a fortune to get realistic controls for your flight sim experience! Our new economy GA200 series General Aviation Control Panels give you the same controls as our more expensive products, but in a bare minimum package.

Depending on which model you choose, you get a Throttle control with approximately 70mm of travel that includes an adjustable tension knob. A vernier throttle option is available as well, that works just like the Mixture and pitch.

The Mixture control is just like the real thing, with push-pull AND vernier controls. With approximately 60 mm of travel, rotate the knob for fine adjustment, or push in the button and push/pull the knob for coarse adjustment.

The Carb Heat (Anti Ice in MSFS 2020) model has both analog AND digital control. For those sims that only allow digital (push button) control, like MSFS 2020, you can disable the analog function and just use the buttons at the end of travel. For other sims that do allow analog control, like X-Plane, you can disable the digital function on just use analog. The control has a 50mm range of motion.

The chassis has been updated so that it now includes the same desk mount bracket as our FCP controls to mount this unit to your desk/table. You can also purchase an optional desk mount clamp (FCPCLAMP or LPCLAMP) for easy setup/removal.

This item can also be used with a bezel (GA200BEZEL, sold separately) for easy mounting to a control panel. The bezel comes with screws to attach it to the GA200 unit.

The unit comes with a 10 foot USB cable, and is plug & play. Just plug it in, calibrate it for your first use, then assign your controls in the sim of your choice. It will show up in your USB controls as a HID Joystick controller labelled Gear-Falcon GA201TM or GA202CT.

Available variations

  • GA201TM - Tension-adjustable Throttle, Vernier Mixture.
  • GA202CT - Analog and Digital Carb Heat, Tension-Adjustable Throttle.
  • GA203CM - Analog and Digital Carb Heat, Vernier Mixture.
  • GA204CVT - Analog and digital Carb Heat, Vernier Throttle.

For PC use only, will not work with XBox.


I can't believe I have to put this in here, but please be aware that the only approved method to mount your GA200/GA300 series controller is by using the included mounting bracket, or the optional mounting bezel. Damaging the shell/chassis by mounting with tape, holes/screws, and especially, squeezing the unit between the jaws of a clamp, will immediately void your warranty!


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