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Gear-Falcon V3 Quadrant

Gear-Falcon V3 Quadrant

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Add realism to your Flight Simulator experience!

Finally, the ultimate in quadrant controls. We've refined our design to make it easy for you to incorporate into your cockpit design. The axle is made of aluminum for smooth operation, and we've changed our adjustable brake to a permanent one using super-strong magnets. The bracket is now one piece, and has dovetail slots and extrusions so you can easily join two or more together to meet your cockpit needs. The potentiometer is on the bottom to facilitate assembly and ganging, and connection is now made via a 3-pin right angle pin header, to make it easier to connect to the joystick controller of your choice. The spacing of multiple levers is 1".

3-D printed of rugged PLA plastic, this quadrant lever features a high quality 50k Ohm potentiometer, and can be purchased without a cable, or with the cable length of your choice. The lever has 90 degrees of travel, and is geared to use the full 280 degree range of the potentiometer. Our new magnetic brake ensures that the lever maintains its setting. Lever is wider and sturdier than the V1 model, so bezels made for the V1 quadrant will not fit the V2.

Multiple quadrants can be ganged together by simply sliding on additional quadrants via the dovetail joints.

The V3 quadrant comes with a 10mm lever and a black knob. Longer levers and different color knobs are available, sold separately.

The quadrant can be purchased bare, without a bezel, so it can mounted from the underside of your control panel, or with a bezel, to allow mounting from the top of your panel. Larger bezels are available to allow you to gang multiple quadrants together.

Examples of use are, Throttle, Prop Pitch, Mixture, Radiator, Flaps, Landing Gear, Dive Brakes... any control where your sim allows the use of an analog control.

Mounting holes are spaced at 94mm.
Quadrant body is 104mm long x 45mm high x 28mm wide

No soldering required!

Cables available elsewhere on this site, or provide your own.

Joystick controller board is not included.


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Customer Reviews

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David Croser-Drake

They look really good on my TARDIS console


It s good. A solder gave up, but really not a big deal at this price point. Fixed in 1 minute. Great addition to my Il2 cockpit.


Great simple design 3D printed throttle. Fits perfectly in my home cockpit design. 3D printed mechanical parts work in harmony and smooth motion.


In summary great! Very well done, quality work and decent pricing. Very fast shipping


After some work I realized as I was using it as a landing gear control I could program it like an on off switch in Mobiflight. \nTried programming it like a potentiometer but was not going well. Switch was a better solution for this application.\nThis is my second Gear Falcon product and I have been pleased with my purchases.