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Joystick Controller, USB - Gear-Falcon General Purpose Joystick Controller - Lite

Joystick Controller, USB - Gear-Falcon General Purpose Joystick Controller - Lite

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Check out our Joystick Controller Lite version. Perfect for those small control projects, like button boxes or specialized cockpit controls. Our new joystick controller is available in 6 different versions:

GFJCL-0x9 No analog ports, and 9 digital ports. Great for button boxes or other controls where no analog ports are needed.
GFJCL-1x8 1 Analog/8 Digital
GFJCL-2x7 2 Analog/7 Digital
GFJCL-3x6 3 Analog/6 Digital
GFJCL-4x5 4 Analog/5 Digital
GFJCL-5x4 5 Analog/4 Digital

No programming needed, just plug it into a USB port, and your computer will identify it as a standard HID Joystick controller. Wire in your switches and potentiometers to build your own custom cockpit controls. Analog ports are filtered to remove jitter from noisy potentiometers. Digital ports are Active low... connect a switch or button across the port to ground to activate. All grounds are common and all +V are common.

*** USB cable NOT included***

***Use your own USB cable (USB Mini-B) or purchase elsewhere on this site with the length you desire.***

Cable sets sold separately... you can make your own cables or buy the lengths you need here.

Holes 3mm, spacing 46x26mm


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