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Gear-Falcon General Purpose Joystick Controller

Gear-Falcon General Purpose Joystick Controller

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Create your own cockpit for flight and race simulation games! Our controller allows you to connect up to 8 potentiometers for analog levers or wheels, and up to 36 switches or push-buttons. No more messing around with keyboard combinations to control your critical simulator your cockpit the way YOU want it. Each controller has a unique serial number so you can use multiple devices for even more controls. No special software needed, recognized by Windows as a standard Joystick device. 5' USB cable included.

* 8 Analog Axes, 32 Digital inputs for buttons or switches, 4 Digital inputs for 8-way Hat controller

* Great for DIY cockpit Builders!

* PC Board with easy to connect push-button terminals and mounting holes

* USB Input, USB Type B, 5' cable included!

* No drivers needed, recognized as a standard joystick controller by the operating system

* Analog ports filtered to reduce "jitter" from less than perfect potentiometers.


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