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USB General Aviation Flaps Module

USB General Aviation Flaps Module

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Add realism to you small aircraft cockpit build with this Gear-Falcon General Aviation Flaps module. Built with a custom USB joystick controller, this module uses one analog axis and 2 digital joystick buttons so it can be used in almost any flight sim! Use the analog axis for X-Plane and other sims that allow use of an analog axis for flaps. The 4-position detent can be calibrated to give you stops at Flaps Up, 10%, 20%, and Full flaps. For finer control you can disable the detent so the flaps lever will move freely.
For those sims that don't allow the use of an analog axis to control flaps, like MSFS 2020, we've also included an encoder that will trigger one joystick button on downward movement, and another button for upward movement.
Made of rugged 3D printed PLA plastic, the bezel includes partial thu-holes at the corners. You can drill out the holes for screw mounting, or you can glue screws to the back of the bezel for invisible mounting, or you can use glue or double-sided tape to mount the bezel directly onto your control panel.

USB powered, plug & play.

USB Cable sold separately.


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