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FCP172A - Cessna-Style TPM control panel with true Vernier adjustment

FCP172A - Cessna-Style TPM control panel with true Vernier adjustment

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Say hello to the next iteration of our small aircraft control panel!

We've taken the best of our previous flight control panel and made a few upgrades. This control panel has controls for Carb Heat, Throttle, Mixture and Flaps to give you intimate control of your small aircraft.

Carb Heat can be either analog (Potentiometer) or Digital (Joystick buttons), so it works great with X-Plane or MSFS 2020!

Throttle is analog with a tension adjustment knob, so you can vary the amount of friction required to move it, or even lock it in place!

Mixture Control is now both Push-Pull for coarse adjustment, AND a true rotating Vernier for fine adjustment, just like the real thing! Simply push in on the silver button to release the vernier lock, and it automatically locks back in when you release it.

Flaps control, like the Carb Heat, now has both analog AND digital controls, so you can use the controls your flight sim supports. In X-Plane, assign the analog axis to flaps, and by default the lever will move to each of 4 detents to control your flaps. If you want more control over the flaps then you can disable the detents so you can move the lever wherever you want it. If you want to fly MSFS 2020, which doesn't allow analog flaps, simply assign your flaps increase and decrease to the encoder outputs on button1 and button2.

The unit is made from parts using 3D printed PLA, ABS, and PETG, and molded polyurethane resin. The heart of the unit is the custom USB joystick controller that is automatically recognized by your operating system, and identifies as a standard HID joystick controller.

A 10 foot USB cable is provided, and it comes with a desk mount that screws into the top or bottom of your desk and slots into the top OR bottom of the unit for easy removal when not in use.

An optional desk-mount clamp (sold separately) can be purchased if you don't want to permanently affix the mounting plate to your desk.

An optional Elevator trim unit (sold separately) is also available that can be easily mounted to the top or bottom of the unit, and connects with a simple plug-in cable.

171mm deep x 221mm wide x 56mm tall



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