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2nd Generation USB Elevator Trim with 4-Encoder Sidecar, Desk Mount, with Trim-Lock

2nd Generation USB Elevator Trim with 4-Encoder Sidecar, Desk Mount, with Trim-Lock

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The Gear-Falcon GAETRIMS4E-A is a compact, easy to use add-on elevator trim wheel, designed to mount onto or under your desk or table. This is a stand-alone USB-powered accessory, used for managing the elevator trim on your aircraft. The USB cable must be plugged into an available USB port or hub connected to your computer.

Our Trim Controllers are constructed of 3D printed PLA, PETG, or ABS plastic, or cast polyurethane resin. All our analog trim wheels use high quality, long-life (100,000 cycle) potentiometers, and are geared to use the full range of motion of the potentiometer (~280 degrees). They will take approximately 3 turns of the wheel to go from lower to upper limit, for added precision. The trim control also comes with an indicator that will give you an approximate idea of how much deflection you have, and will make it easier to center the trim wheel.

This new 2nd generation version trim wheel includes our new Trim-Lock, a unique end stop mechanism that will prevent you from over-turning the wheel and damaging the gears and potentiometer!

This version of our trim wheel includes 4 encoders which you can assign to various functions in your cockpit. Using 8 digital ports on the joystick controller, the encoders output a 10 millisecond pulse to the controller for each left or right click of the detents, simulating a button press. Use them to adjust lights, compass heading, radio tuning, etc. These encoders are left and right rotation only, with no push-button function.

An optional Desk-Mount clamp can be purchased if you don’t want to attach the mounting bracket permanently to your desk. Simply use the screws to attach the bracket to the clamp, then clamp the entire unit to your desk.

10 foot USB Mini-B cable included!


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Customer Reviews

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Zach L

This is a very thoughtfully engineered component. I fly almost exclusively DCS in piston-engine aircraft, and for almost all of the aircraft the pitch trimmer is 1:1 with my input. There was zero work to get this going with any of my flight sim software and was truly plug-and-play. I also love the mount for it, which I installed underneath my throttle quadrant very easily. Couldn't recommend this product enough!

Gary Jarvis
Super item, very pleased

I purchased this for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator as trimming aircraft up to now had been a real chore and very frustrating The trim wheel is fantastic and makes trimming aircraft so much more realistic and has transformed the way aircraft handle. I fly in VR, this is the missing link in terms of realism and immersion. Haven't tried the rotary encoders yet but I'm sure they will come in very handy. Item was dispatched promptly which was also very much appreciated, as it had a long journey across the pond!