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Double Panel Mount Trim Kit

Double Panel Mount Trim Kit

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Step up your DIY sim cockpit game with our Double Panel Mount Trim Kit! Designed to mounted to your existing control panel, we've provided everything you need to get up and running with quality trim controls.

Our V4 trim wheels are designed to rotate almost 3 full turns to turn the potentiometers through their full useful range of 180 degrees. They include indicators to give you a visual confirmation of their position, so they can easily be centered. We use high-quality, long-life potentiometers, rated at 100,000 cycles, using conductive plastic instead of cheaper carbon elements.

The included joystick control board has 2 analog ports for plugging in the trim wheels, and additionally has 7 available digital ports, in case you want to add push buttons, switches, or encoders to the mix.

Included in the kit:

2 ea. Panel mount Trim wheels with bezels.

2 ea. 14" analog cables.

1 ea. Lite joystick controller

1 ea. 10 foot USB Mini-B cable.

The bezels are partially pre-drilled, so you can finish drilling the holes and mount them to your control panel using screws (not included), or leave them as-is and attach with glue or double-sided tape.

Fully compatible on PC or MAC with any flight sim that allows you to map an analog axis to the trim function...MSFS2020, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, IL2-BoX, XPlane, etc.


The last time we checked, MSFS 2020 did not support the use of analog controls for rudder and aileron trim; only elevator trim was available for an analog function. This may have changed since then, or may change in the future, but consider yourself warned!

All other sims we tried, including X-Plane, IL2-Cliffs of Dover, and IL2 BoX do support the use of analog controls for ALL trim functions.

Attention MSFS 2020 users: Please remember to turn off "AI Auto Trim" in the Assistance menu or the AI will not let you trim the aircraft yourself.
If you have problems getting it to work in MSFS 2020 take a look at this video:

Made of 3-D printed black PLA, PETG, and ABS plastic.


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