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2nd Generation USB Elevator Trim, Large Desk Mount Clamp, with Trim-Lock

2nd Generation USB Elevator Trim, Large Desk Mount Clamp, with Trim-Lock

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Step up your Flight Sim game  with our new 2nd Generation desk-mounted trim wheel assembly!
Designed to give the look and feel of a small aircraft trim wheel, our control is made of rugged 3-D printed PLA plastic, and includes a high quality. long-life potentiometer. The assembly is geared to provide almost 3 full turns of the trim wheel, using the entire usable range of the potentiometers rotation, adding precision and realism. Our new curved indicator lets you know how far you are from the neutral position, and makes it easy to center the trim, with tick marks every 40 degrees, and a larger tick mark for center. Greatly increases immersion in your sim, as instead of clicking away on unrealistic keyboard keys, or using your mouse to adjust trim, you can use a control that mimics the real thing.

Mounts directly to your desk with a built-in clamp. Do not over-tighten the clamp mount! It is recommended to unscrew the clamp partially when not in use, as PLA plastic can deform when left under tension for long periods of time.

This new 2nd generation version trim wheel includes our new Trim-Lock, a unique end stop mechanism that will prevent you from over-turning the wheel and damaging the gears and potentiometer!

USB Control board will appear as a standard HID Joystick controller, identified as a "Gear-Falcon Elevator Trim" in your system devices, and has breakout pins for 8 digital inputs - you can upgrade it by connecting buttons, switches, encoders, etc.

10 foot USB Mini-B cable is included.

Attention MSFS 2020 users: Please remember to turn off "Auto Trim" in the Assistance menu or the AI will not let you trim the aircraft yourself.
If you have problems getting it to work in MSFS 2020 take a look at this video:
Adding your trim.

The trim wheel assembly is approximately 9 inches x 6 inches x 2-1/4 inches wide.
Made of 3-D printed black PLA plastic.


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