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General Aviation Vernier Throttle/Mixture/Pitch with True Vernier control - GA300VTMP

General Aviation Vernier Throttle/Mixture/Pitch with True Vernier control - GA300VTMP

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You don't have to spend a fortune to get realistic controls for your flight sim experience! Our new economy GA300VTMP Gives you the same controls as our more expensive products, but in a bare minimum package. You get a Throttle, Mixture, and Prop Pitch controls that function just like the real thing, with push-pull AND vernier control. With approximately 60 mm of travel, rotate the knob for fine adjustment, or push in the button and push/pull the knob for coarse adjustment.

The chassis has holes placed so you can use the screws or bolts that fit your situation to mount this unit to your desk/table. You can also purchase an optional desk mount clamp for easy setup/removal.

The unit comes with a 10 foot USB cable, and is plug & play. Just plug it in, calibrate it for your first use, then assign your controls in the sim of your choice. It will show up in your USB controls as a HID Joystick controller labelled Gear-Falcon GA300VTMP.

For PC use only, will not work with XBox.


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Beech Style Throttle Mixture Prop Verniers GA300VTMP

Used the GA300VTMP with MSFS, for Bonanza 33 and Debonair 35. I looked for a long time to find a triple Vernier control, and this is the only one I found at an acceptable price. As we own a 1960 Deb, I wanted to practice using a correct Sim Throttle. The Cessna style just didn't fit for me. Although the Deb has Mix, sorta below Throttle, I think later Bonanzas were similar to this config.

The feel of the throttle, knob shape and vernier adjust and slide adjust (with button press) work just as I would expect. Quality is great. Setup and calibration in the MSFS Controls menu, was easy to do. I used the Sensitivity sliders to get calibration to pretty well match the positions between the physical controls and the virtual controls displayed in cockpit view.

Overall, I am ecstatic as I went many months thinking there was no cost-effective way to get controls this close to the real thing. If you have interest in this level of realism for the Debs and Bonanzas of this era, or own one and want to keep your muscle memory reasonably (IMO) intact, you will love this product. And if you own a real Beech, you'll have just enough money left over to afford this Sim throttle, after sacrificing the rest of it to the real aircraft.