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Gear-Falcon TripleTrim

Gear-Falcon TripleTrim

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Take your flight sim experience to the next level!

We've completely redesigned our 3-trim box to make it a little easier to build, and added some features

These trim boxes are ready to go...just plug them in to a USB port, assign your buttons and axes, and away you go. These will greatly increase your immersion in the cockpit by giving you fine control of the trim state for up to 3 axes on your aircraft: Elevator, Aileron, and Rudder.

We've made 3 variations of our trim box.  Our basic model, the TripleTrim Lite, comes with 3 trim wheels.
Our TripleTrim standard edition has the three trim wheels, and adds 3 SPDT (Single pole Double throw) switches to give you 6 digital button inputs.
The TripleTrim Deluxe has our standard three trim wheels, and adds 4 encoders which give you 12 button inputs on the joystick controller.

Each variation comes in a Right-handed version and a Left-handed version, to cover all the bases: If you hold your joystick with your right hand (you are Right-Handed) then you will have the trim box on your left, so you will want the "Right-Handed" version of the trim box. If you hold your joystick with your left hand (you are Left-Handed) then you will want the trim box on your right, so you will want the "Left-Handed" version of the trim box.

You can assign these encoders or switches to whatever controls you like. If you choose the encoder option you get 4 encoders, each with 15 pulses and 15 detents per revolution along with a built-in push switch, so you can assign 12 joystick functions. I like to assign these to cockpit and gunsight illumination, along with gunsight range for easy adjustment, but feel free to use them for whatever functions you want!

Each unit comes with a 10-foot USB cable, so you can place it almost anywhere . The trim wheels include indicators to show the level and direction of trim.
When choosing which style you want, keep in mind that if you use your right hand for your joystick and you manipulate the trim box with your left hand, you will want the Right-Hand style. If you manipulate the joystick with your left hand, and you want the trim box on the right, choose the Left-Hand style.

The entire assembly is made of sturdy 3-d printed PLA plastic, with non-skid rubber feet.
Dimensions are: 142mm wide x 109mm deep x 90mm tall


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