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Cessna TPM - Gear-Falcon Flight Control Panel FCP182 MK2

Cessna TPM - Gear-Falcon Flight Control Panel FCP182 MK2

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* New Improved Chassis

* Stronger, more stable mounting mechanism

* Better Trim module connection

* Carb heat mod available. Replaces pitch control - Request it when ordering.

Take your flight sim experience to the next level with our affordable small aircraft control panel! You get  throttle, prop pitch, and mixture, as well as a lever to control your flaps, all in one compact package!

Modeled on the controls found in a Cessna 182, this control panel can be easily mounted under or above your desk using the reversible mounting bracket. The unit quickly slides off the bracket for easy stowage when not in use. If you prefer not to use screws or double-sided tape to mount the bracket, a clamp is available to securely mount the unit to almost any desk or table.

An optional Elevator trim wheel is available, with an adapter that allows the trim to be positioned either above or below the controls, depending on how you decide to mount it. The elevator trim uses a geared potentiometer allowing almost 3 full turns, to make use the full operational range of the potentiometer, and enables you to make small adjustments. An indicator on the trim wheel lets you know at a glance where the trim is set.

Comes with a 10 foot USB cable, and appears as a standard HID joystick device with 5 analog axes and 4 digital inputs.

Made of 3D printed PLA and PETG plastic - over 100 hours of printing goes into the parts that make up this assembly!


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