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V3 Elevator Trim, Desk Mount, with 4-Encoder SideCar

V3 Elevator Trim, Desk Mount, with 4-Encoder SideCar

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The Desk Mount Trim Module is a compact, USB-powered Trim accessory for managing the elevator trim on your aircraft. We’ve modified our V2 chassis to accommodate what we call, a “Sidecar” accessory. The side car comes in several variations, the first of which adds 4 non-switched encoders, to make use of the 8 availalable digital inputs. We’ve taken the DIY out of the equation so you don’t have to figure out how to add your own extra controls! This trim module uses a  clamp designed for easy mounting and removal on almost any desk or table. It comes with an integrated USB joystick controller, which will identify as a “Gear-Falcon Elevator Trim” when plugged into an available USB port on your computer.

Our Trim Controllers are made with high-quality, long-life potentiometers, and are designed to cancel out “jitter” so your controls are rock-solid. They are constructed of 3D printed PLA filament. All our trim wheels are geared to use the full range of motion of the potentiometer (~280 degrees) and will take approximately 3 turns of the wheel to go from lower to upper limit, for added precision. The trim control also comes with an indicator the will give you an approximate idea of how much deflection you have, and will make it easier to center the trim wheel.

All you have to do is plug the included 10 foot USB cable into an open USB port on your computer. The controller should identify as a standard HID joystick controller, labeled “Gear-Falcon Elevator Trim”. In your sim you can assign this analog control to the elevator trim. If the aircraft control moves in the wrong direction when turning the wheel, you can usually swap the direction in the sim.

In MSFS 2020 be sure to turn off “AI AutoTrim"!
The sim will adjust the trim for you unless you turn  off this selection, which will lead to unexpected results.

Be Careful when using autopilot!
If you use autopilot in the sim, the autopilot will make adjustments to the in-sim aircraft controls that will not be reflected in your actual controls. When you release the autopilot the aircraft will return to your trim wheel setting, which could result in unexpected actions!

Be careful when reaching the limits of the trim wheel!
Do not force the trim wheel past the end stops! The gearing is all plastic, so it is possible to strip the gears if you continue to try to turn the wheel past the end stops!

Do not over-tighten the clamp mechanism!
It is advisable to loosen the clamp when not in use for longer periods of time, as PLA plastic may deform somewhat under continued stress, and not return to it’s original shape.

If you have problems getting it to work in MSFS 2020 take a look at this video:
Desk Mount Trim Setup.

The trim wheel assembly is approximately 9 inches long x 7 inches deep x 2 inches wide.
Made of 3-D printed black PLA plastic.


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