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CLEARANCE!!! Basic Trim Wheel with Indicator

CLEARANCE!!! Basic Trim Wheel with Indicator

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Need the shelf space, so we are clearing out all our V1 Trim modules!

Easily adjust your aircraft trim with this analog trim control. Our trim control uses a geared wheel for precision adjustment of almost almost 3 full turns. A built-in indicator shows with a glance the disposition of the control, and uses a high-quality potentiometer. You can use several of these controls in your cockpit for full control of ailerons, rudder, and elevator, just like a real aircraft. No more desperately tapping on your keyboard to try and get your opponent centered in your sight in a dogfight! High-performance aircraft require constant adjustment of trim to smooth your flight, and these controls are just what you've been looking for. When paired with one of our USB joystick control boards and quadrant controls it will increase immersion in your sim immensely. This control is made of 3D printed black PLA plastic, and can be painted if desired.  A great addition to any DIY cockpit.

Just hook it up to one of our Gear-Falcon joystick controllers or provide your own, assign the control in your flight simulator, and you are off and running!

These units come with a bare potentiometer, so you will need soldering skills to add your own 3-wire cable in order to attach to a USB joystick controller.

Cable and USB controller not included!!!

120mm long x 60mm wide and 80mm tall.


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