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Analog Elevator Trim for FCP172A/182A with mount

Analog Elevator Trim for FCP172A/182A with mount

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The perfect accessory for your small aircraft control panel! Our analog elevator trim mounts to the bottom or top of the control panel, and utilizes a potentiometer geared to almost 3 full rotations to give you precise control of your aircraft trim. Includes an indicator to indicate the degree of trim, and when the trim is centered. The trim module easily plugs into the trim port in the back of your control panel with the included cable. The included mount slides on and off with no tools needed!

***** Caution! Because this is an analog control, if you use autopilot the trim unit will remain stationary, and when you release the autopilot the trim will automatically go back to the manual setting and may cause abrupt adjustment in your aircraft's attitude! *****


Made of 3D printed PLA plastic, and Polyurethane resin.


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